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Millie is a 1972 bay that needed a little tlc when Sarah & Jon bought her home.

Millie started out as a minibus before being converted to what we know her as today.  We have learnt that she was named after her one of her previous owners grandmothers who left her grandson the money to buy a VW camper back in 2003.

She has kept the name ever since.

Millie has been on quite a few adventures with Sarah, Jon and Jarvis the Jack Russell Terrier but is currently having a well deserved break and is being lovingly restored ready to start work again in the Spring.

  • Millie is available for Photo Booth Hire at Weddings, Parties and Corporate Event
  • She is a light blue, Right Hand Drive,1973 Devon pop top VW camper
  • She seats for up to 4 passengers plus a driver.
  • She has a 1.6 aircooled engine
  • DAB Radio and MP3 player and BIG speakers!!
  • Henry is available for weddings with driver.

  • He is an Azure Blue & White (at the moment !!), Right Hand Drive,1974 pop top VW camper

  • He seats 4 passengers plus a driver.

  • He has a 1.6 aircooled engine

  • DAB Radio and MP3 player